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Aarni Heiskanen, the author and host of AEC Business, is a consultant, software developer, and architect with over 30 years of experience.

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Aarni is a renowned construction influencer. His work has been featured in:

Scissor Lift

Locating Construction Equipment with IoT and Mobile Technology

It can take hours, or even days, to find a specific scissor lift on a large construction site – multiply that with hundreds of machines on the site and, then, you grasp the scale of the dilemma. Three companies joined forces to test an IoT solution that could fix the problem, cost-efficiently.

Plehat VR

Plehat Brings Natural Environments into Design Tools

Natural elements are an essential part of the built environment. However, BIM tools offer almost no support to landscape architecture. Plehat is introducing a new solution that helps architects and decision-makers to understand the dynamics of nature and make smart design choices.

video contract vontract

Make Construction Contracts as Snappy Videos

Construction is a series of big and small contracts. A startup has developed a tool that allows you to make proposals and contracts in one minute with a smartphone.

construction cleaning robot

Testing Robotic Cleanup on a Construction Site

A group of people had gathered at a construction site in Vantaa, Finland, on February 25, 2019. On the floor of a large room, a robot was blinking lights, apparently waiting for instructions on what to do next. This was the first test of an industry-grade cleaning robot for construction sites.


Will International Standardization Make Data Flow in the Built Environment?

Some see standards as hindrances to development; others think the opposite is true. A Finnish strategy project argues that complying with international digital standards would both improve productivity and open up new business opportunities for built environment stakeholders.


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